Can Dropshipping Be A Full-Time Job in 2021?

Can dropshipping be a Full-Time job in 2021?

Dropshipping is a popular business model for new entrepreneurs because it doesn’t require the commitment of having to stock and handle items. Furthermore, with limited funds, it’s also possible to start a dropshipping business which is great for any business on a budget. So, could dropshipping be a full-time job? Yes it could be if you make your store successful enough. You may have to start with other work though.

5 steps to make your dropshipping store a successful

As a start-up entrepreneur you may be asking if a dropshipping business can bring in full time income? The answer is: absolutely. You just need to make sure your business model works and it can sustain itself first. To become profitable and successful, follow these steps:

1. Select a niche

This is a key part of the process! You need to find a niche that’s popular&profitable in order to succeed at dropshipping. With that in mind, please follow these 5 steps to select the right niche:

  1. Low shipping costs are essential. The good thing is that your dropshipping supplier handles the shipping and handling, much like warehousing. Make sure you don’t sacrifice customer loyalty by overspending.

  2. Dropshipping is a popular way to benefit from the internet and make money. Researching the best markets&products will save you time and frustration in the long run.

  3. Check the demand for your products using Google’s Keyword Planner&Trends. If there is no interest in a certain topic, then it may not be worth spending time on it.

  4. Retailers can make their online store more appealing by selling products that aren’t available locally. For example, when a product is unavailable nearby, the customer can purchase it from your store.

2. Search for relevant information about your competitors

A strong business strategy for overcoming competition&enlarging your customer base is to constantly be improving your products, keeping up on the latest trends and being in communication with your customers. However, keep in mind that if there is no competition, it might be a sign of minimal demand. If there’s no product out there with comparable features, you can always fill the need by offering your own solution.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons why a product might have little competition. Some of them are:

  1. Shipping and packing fees can be rather expensive.

  2. Difficulties with suppliers or production

  3. Low profit margins for that product

In conclusion, try to find products that have competition, this is an indicator of market demand and so there is a sustainable business model. Make sure not to stick with products that are already saturated in the marketplace, as it will be hard for you to enter that market.

3. Find the right dropshipping supplier, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful dropshipper!

It’s crucial to select an awesome supplier if you’re serious about running your store full-time. Business is like a game, and to be successful you need to choose the right company. Once you do, you will receive high quality cproduct in return that will also provide healthy profit margins for your business. For instance, it can be useful to find a supplier that specializes in the types of products you want to sell. If their niche matches your niche, then even better!

It is important to keep an eye out for good suppliers that offer guaranteed shipping rates and will prevent you from wasting your money.

4. Build your eCommerce store

Shopify is the fastest way to launch your very own online store, like this one! You can use it to dropship and make a full-time job out of it. Setting up your store is not hard and there are a lot of handy apps to help you out. You’ll need to do some SEO work, too, but it’s not complicated.

Using a web design company to develop a customized store is usually more expensive than using one of the plug-and-play options available. This is why it’s generally more prudent to just start out with an off the shelf solution. You can always customise it later, once your business starts making money! Make your dropshipping a full-time job and save some money for the future! Not only will you be able to take on bigger orders but keeping expenses low will also help you make better profit margins. You might think this is an unnecessary step but it’s not. Once you’re more established, and there’s a lot of money coming in, it’s worth investing in your website. The more customised it is to your needs and the product you sell, the better chance you have of attracting customers in this competitive world of e-commerce

5. Promote your store on the internet

Having a great product and website is the first step to building a successful ecommerce business. But without customers, you don’t have a business. There are several ways to entice these potential customers, including:

Starting a Facebook or Google ads campaign is a great way to quickly get your store up and running. Furthermore, with targeted advertising you can reach customers that are interested in what you have to offer. This is very powerful if you’re marketing products like jeans.

  1. Social Media :It’s good to use social media and the best way of doing so is by growing your followers organically. Buying or otherwise inflating your following count is a waste of time and money, as these tend to be unreal followers with little staying power. There are a few ways you can participate: Social Media, Blog, Youtube


  2. Start email marketing.Capturing a customer’s email addresses has never been easier. A simple and effective way to collect them is by offering a 10% discount or other incentive if they input their contact details. This allows you to now offer highly targeted messages on behalf of yourThis is great for anyone looking to collect more emails. For example, if you wanted to do this, offer customers a 10% discount on their order if they input their email. Now you have the opportunity to send a highly targeted audience all kinds of emails with promotions or new products.


  3. Create a blog. Utilising this method will help you to become an authority in your field, all from the convenience of a laptop. You can write informative blog posts that provide great insight for readers and also direct them to your store. Make sure to include SEO on your blog posts.


  4. Optimize your product names and descriptions. Similar to developing an optimized blog, you want your store to rank higher in search engines using keywords. One way is to include keywords in product names and descriptions. The best way to find the right ones is by using keyword

Admittedly, setting up a Facebook or Google ads campaign requires a bit of an investment.

How Fast Can I Make My Dropshipping Store Profitable?

Dropshipping takes a significant amount of time, skill and intellect. It’s not feasible for someone to work on it for just a couple of months and expect to make six figures. We understand that starting a side business is never easy. If you have realistic expectations, it will be easier for you to keep going when the going gets tough&establish your side business as a full-time job.

Working a full-time job and running an online store may seem like a challenge at first, but with the right strategies in place, you can achieve the best of both worlds. Almost all people have to work part-time while striving for success in their business, which means it’s not easy but certainly achievable. We know that sometimes it can take longer than you’d like to fulfill orders or answer support requests. That’s why we really appreciate your understanding and patience! Customers like fast-paced service, and e-commerce thrives on the speed and efficiency of delivery. As you grow your e-commerce store, it’ll be possible to scale sites like dropshipping into your full time job.

Take this example: you can make between $2,000 and $3,000 a month within 1 year of starting your store by working about 10 to 15 hours per week. As your business scales up, you’ll have more time&energy to devote to it and your profits will grow accordingly. When you start out in dropshipping, you create a niche outlet that can be a little side business. Focusing on marketing early is essential for you to reach your milestones. Without it, it would be hard to attract attention and start building momentum. However, if you are willing to focus full-time on your dropshipping store, it can take about 1 year to make an average full time income of $60,000 per year. Yes, this is possible! Though the specifics of each situation will vary, there are a lot of dropshippers out there already doing it full-time.

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